About Us

Insulated Project Solutions Pty Ltd is a business situated in the heart of the Swartland Region, Malmesbury, Western Cape.

We have a commitment to personal service.

You have one point of contact saving you time and stress.

Our quality workmanship means cost savings on maintenance down the track.

Our insulated panels are guaranteed for 12 months.

Professional & Efficient

Our passion enables us to provide exceptional quality solutions. Attention to detail is what drives us, being able to offer you the best of the best. Every system, the very way we operate is set up to make that happen. Excellence Guaranteed. To help you as effectively as possible, whether you want standard products or tailored solutions, we manage our operations tightly and give you that attention to detail.
“Thank you Julian, not many people in SA deliver on promises of service anymore. You promised and delivered, well done!”
From Costas